Everything and the bathroom sink: Oral care brand Hello launches on-demand Spyt service

Spyt is set to hit the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn this month

Subscription oral care company Hello Products has launched an on-demand mobile service that delivers teeth cleaning products - and the bathroom sink.

The idea - named Spyt, pronounced spit - is a fully functioning sink mounted on the back of an electric scooter, which provides toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash and floss for customers to use on-the-go.

Set to hit the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn this month, the brand also hopes to launch the service at festivals and events later in the year.

There is currently a waiting list to be part of the service, unless customers are invited to use it.

The price is yet to be revealed and Hello is still said to be in the preliminary stages of payment models and a text message-based service.

“Everything about the way we order food, goods and services has changed,” said Hello founder Craig Dubitsky.

“We think Spyt is simply another way to bring more smiles to more people.”

Customers can sign up to Hello’s subscription service via hello-products.com and receive a box every month, two months or three months.