Expert advice: Make the most of TikTok selling


Peter Martin, Managing Director at digital commerce agency SMP, talks shopping activations, livestream events and working with TikTok's unique algorithm

Expert advice: Make the most of TikTok selling

SMP is a digital commerce agency that works with TikTok to help brands take advantage of livestream capabilities in the UK. With digital commerce innovations changing the way consumers shop, Peter Martin, Managing Director at SMP, reveals how companies can identify and engage with audiences on these platforms.

Expert advice: Make the most of TikTok selling

How are shoppers using TikTok to discover & purchase beauty products?

TikTok hasn’t been around long, comparatively speaking, but we firmly believe it is the best bet for beauty brands aiming for fast growth. Young people have flocked to the platform because it’s so easy to make and watch genuinely creative content. This is reflected in the engagement figures: 42% of users say they’re paying full attention to its videos, compared with 33% across other platforms. And it’s not just the beauty behemoths that can reach younger shoppers on TikTok. Half of Gen Z consumers have made a purchase after discovering it on the platform, so there are big opportunities for new-to-market brands too.


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