Exploring the relationship between taste and scent

Our senses of smell and taste are inextricably linked. As sales of unique tea blends continue to rise, what can beauty brands learn from purveyors of this market?

Georgia Ginsberg is the Director of family-owned company Dragonfly Tea. Here she talks about the overlap between developing a new aromatic tea blend and a fragranced candle

Georgia Ginsberg

Why did Dragonfly launch a candle to mark its 15th year?
We decided to launch our candle, Tea Chest No.1, alongside a new range of ten artisan teas, the Tea House Collection. We felt that a candle perfectly complements our tea philosophy of ‘taking time’ over tea, of slowness, appreciation and enjoyment. For us, tea is about engaging all the senses, and encouraging people to press pause; lighting a candle and slowly sipping an aromatic cup of tea naturally go hand in hand.

What were the main challenges of stepping outside of the tea sector?
Our challenge in moving outside of the tea category was ensuring that the same standards of quality and attention to detail we demand of our tea were . . .

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