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HCP's 'Lash Studio' team work closely with leading global fillers to expertly pair innovative mascara technologies with high-performance formulas for fast-to-market, targeted results

Introducing the 'Smart Volume' Precision Moulded Applicator


  • Maximum definition
  • Length
  • Natural volume.

Effective for combining subtle volume with lift directly from the roots, this hourglass shaped plastic brush incorporates 12 rows of new generation curved bristles.

Thinner sections on each bristle tip separate and define, lightly coating the lashes without clumping.

The all-in-one lash look shown here is achieved in just one coat with a deep black formula.

SMART VOLUME brush code: SD0039

Stock Pack Recommendations from L-R
13mm Standard Mascara
A timeless and incredibly versatile pack for mass through to prestige brands. Supplied with either a PP or PET bottle, this pack suits either crème or waterproof formulations.

OFC: 13.5ml

14mm Tapered Tall Mascara
This elegantly tapered mascara is available with a mid or tall bottle. Available for use with either fibre or moulded plastic brushes, & a variety of cap styles to switch up its profile.

OFC: 16.9ml

15mm Jumbo Mascara
With dramatic proportions, this jumbo mascara is HCP's largest stock pack offering in terms of neck size. A versatile pack, with options for either an aluminium or ABS cap.

OFC: 18.3ml

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