Favini scoops 2012 Luxe Pack in green award


Crush paper range replaces up to 15% wood pulp with organic industrial by-products

Italian paper supplier Favini was awarded the 2012 Luxe Pack in green award for its Crush product, a range of paper replacing as much as 15% of traditional wood pulp with process residues from organic products, which would otherwise be used as fertiliser or animal feed, or as fuel for burning.

The product comes in seven colours associated with each of the seven raw materials: corn, citrus, kiwi, olive, almond, hazelnut and coffee, which are described by Chris Brown, Favini’s marketing director & sales director, central Europe as “very contemporary, subtle and washed out colours, quite in line with the fashion trend at the moment” in four available grammages: 120, 200, 250 and 350.The FSC certified paper is made with 100% green energy from Favini’s hydroelectric plant and contains 30% post consumer recycled paper.

The other finalists included Papeterie Zuber Reider for Bagasse, Cosfibel for its Corrugated Fan Tray, Promens for the Bonne Mère Bottle and Airopack for Airopack Generation 2.

When asked by SPC why the panel – which included Michel Fontaine, president of the French Packaging Council, Cécile Lochard, founder of Citizen Luxury, Michel Dupuis, senior vp purchasing & packaging development, Chanel Parfums Beaute, Sandrine Sommer, sustainable development director, Guerlain and Ute Von Buch, editor in chief Creativ Verpacken magazine – selected Favini’s Crush, Brown replied: “Because it’s an innovative product. It’s a genuine innovation.”

“Although this doesn’t apply to any of the Luxe Pack in green entries, there’s too much green washing around in general and I think that they [the judges] saw this [Crush] as a genuine step forward,” he added. “The whole process, cradle to grave, delivers a 20% reduction in emissions. But within the parameter of our plant, without the inclusion of emissions from the pulping process and transportation, we believe it could be as much as 30%.”

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Luxe Pack took place from 24-26 October 2012 in its usual location, Monaco's Grimaldi Forum.