Firmenich showcases natural mint ingredients


Fragrance and flavour giant Firmenich has showcased its expertise in natural mint at the SIMPPAR exhibition in Paris. The Sharing Innovation Collection 2017, developed with Firmenich’s joint venture partner Essex Laboratories, featured seven ingredients, including three natural mints.

Mint Essence Piperita is designed around a core of non-traditional natural mints laced with subtle floral accents, while Mint Piperita EO Cascade is a full-bodied essential oil with medium menthol content, aromatic herbal notes of hay and lactonic and floral notes. Finally, Mint Piperita EO Boulder combines intense mint facets, camphor notes, fruity aspects and coconut.

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It also launched four new synthetic ingredients: Fructalate, a bright, fruity raspberry-apple note; Helvetolide, offering volatile pear-like facets and smooth ambrette undertones; Neobutenone Alpha, a very powerful green fruity floral; and a rich, powdery rose called Wardia BM.