First look at Arcade Beauty’s new sample packs


The range will now stock the brand's ‘Magic Powder Magazine’ and ‘Stand Alone’ thermoformed samples

First look at Arcade Beauty’s new sample packs

Arcade Beauty has grown its collection of thermoformed samples with ‘Magic Powder Magazine’ and ‘Stand Alone’.

The Magic Powder Magazine is a mini ‘jar’ with a protective ‘cap’ and a second plastic film perforated like a sieve, capable of dosing a sample of loose powder, for example.

Thanks to integrated laser equipment, it is possible to vary the shape and size of the perforation according to the product distributed: scented beads, make-up powders, talc, etc.

In addition, the laser system allows brands to create all kinds of designs by changing the layout of the mesh.

The all-in-one thermo Stand Alone is a novel take on the make-up sample, which is composed of a cup applied to a printed card, designed all in one piece.

As such, it is possible to limit the material used and industrial operations to save precious manufacturing time.

It also benefits from optimal printing on the thermoformed laminate.

The Stand Alone blister can be used for all types of make-up, including lipstick, foundation, eyeshadow, and even skin care and perfume.

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