Fish takes on male grooming market in South Africa


Men's hair styling brand tells Cosmetics Business it is "essential" to target both male and female consumers in South Africa as many female shoppers in the region shop for men

Fish takes on male grooming market in South Africa

Men’s hair styling brand Fish has expanded into South Africa via beauty distributor Sunpac.

With its roots in London, UK, stocked at Boots, Superdrug and Amazon, the expansion follows Fish's expansion into the UAE and select doors in the US.

By signing with Sunpac, a subsidiary of Main Street Holdings Group, Fish has launched into roughly 500 doors including Dis-chem pharmacies, Checkers, Pick n Pay stores and Zando online.

Sunpac has previously helped brands such as OGX, Real Techniques and Wet n Wild launch into leading retailers in the region.

Buyers have expanded their retail space in male grooming to accommodate new international brands

Joanne Morton, Commercial Director at KMI Brands

Joanne Morton, Commercial Director at KMI Brands, told Cosmetics Business: “Male grooming is a young market in South Africa and as the consumer becomes more sophisticated in their grooming needs, the demand for high performance men’s styling increases.

“Buyers have expanded their retail space in male grooming to accommodate new international brands.

The distribution of male grooming remains a focus within the health and beauty and grocery sector where it is essential we communicate with both male and female shoppers – unlike other markets, it is still the case that many women shop for men in South Africa.”

Morton confirmed that education at the point of sale remains “crucial” for the brand as it aims to help consumers select the best format for their hair type and styling needs.

Market insight

Speaking about which products are most popular for the brand, Morton added: "Wax and cream are the best-selling formats. These are extremely strong, proven styling formats for Fish – they are number one and number two for Fish in all markets.

"Both cream and wax offer styling benefits for all hair types, giving them mass appeal. Inclusiveness is at the heart of the Fish brand and these products are suitable for all hair types from fine hair needing volume to coarse Afro-Caribbean hair."

Fish was created by Paul Burfoot, the owner of the Fish Salon in Soho, London in 1987. The first product to launch was Fishfingers Wax.

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After seven years, Burfoot teamed up with KMI Brands to bring a full range of hairstyling products to retailer Boots. KMI Brands is also the producer of beauty ranges for Ted Baker and Orla Kiely.