Floratech – The Natural Solution for Emulsions


Floratech continues its history of innovation with Emulsun. Emulsun is a low-cost, sunflower-derived, PEG-free emulsifier capable of forming a self-assembling hexagonal liquid crystal phase to help decrease surface tension and strongly promote emulsification.

Emulsun offers formulators the flexibility to achieve target viscosity without the use of secondary emulsifiers; and studies show that Emulsun improves sensory appeal and skin hydration.

Create better emulsions and save money with Emulsun.

Request a sample at sales@floratech.com or find out more about this new emulsifier plus oil-free jojoba esters, jojoba derivatives, macadamia oil and derivatives, stabilized high-oleic sunflower seed oil, and specialty particles at floratech.com.

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