Forest Secrets available at Harrods for the first time


Natural range promises bespoke skincare routine

Forest Secrets is Dr Barbara Olioso’s range of entirely natural skin care products and by the end of October it will be available for the first time at London’s Harrods.

Products are said to offer a personalised skincare approach that allows consumers to decide the amount of product to use according to their skin needs and taking into account the environmental and seasonal changes. Olioso believes that mixing and matching the products will make consumers more aware of what their skin really needs.

“There are times when skin needs extra protection from the elements and other times when it needs feeding with key nutrients. My Personalised Skincare System provides the tools and guidance to become your own skin expert and unlock its generative potential.

The Anti-Ageing Starting Pack targets wrinkles while the Anti-Blemish Starter Pack is focused on age spots and skin blemishes and is said to even out skin tone. In the Anti-Ageing Starting Pack, the iRejuvenate Plus Elixir features lupin seed extracts said to promote collagen regeneration; milk thistle, to reinforce the skin barrier; organic argan oil from Morocco and organic apricot oil, rich in vitamins E and A to protect the skin from free radical damage. Sign up for your free email newsletter

Dr Olioso launched her own company Organatural in 2006 as she felt that ingredients in beauty products were often neglected in favour of packaging, fragrance or marketing strategies.