Former gang members offered free tattoo removal

By Lucy Tandon Copp 31-Mar-2017

Non-profit Tattoo Removal Ink is among the growing number of organisations helping people that live with ‘tattoo regret’ move on with their lives by erasing their body art

Gang members, ex-prisoners and victims of human trafficking are being offered increased opportunities to remove tattoos that remind them of their past.

US-based non-profit Tattoo Removal Ink, which launched in January, is the latest organisation to provide laser treatment to help erase unwanted body art that represents a former life.

Laser treatment is the most common procedure for tattoo removal; when a tattoo is exposed to intense light from a laser, the ink particles are broken down in the skin, which causes the tattoo to fade.

Barrier to employment

Despite changing attitudes towards tattoos, visible designs on the face, neck and hands can be a barrier to securing a job.

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Jo Martin, Director of Tattoo Removal Ink, told Cosmetics Business: “Spoken or unspoken, employers do not...

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