Formula 1 drives home heritage with new fragrance line

By Becky Bargh 5-Dec-2019

The fragrances’ packaging has been made using 3D printing and designed by artist Ross Love

Agile Embrace, Fluid Symmetry and Compact Suspension

Racing group Formula 1 has launched 5 new Haute Parfumerie fragrances to tell the story of its heritage. The fragrances will be available in spring 2020 with a special 3-D printed design by Ross Lovegrove. A trio of limited edition luxury fragrance bottles by Ross Lovegrove have been showcased at the Formula 1 Etihad Airways Grand Prix Abu Dhabi.

To bring the line to market, Formula 1 partnered with the makers of J Lo, Playboy, Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande’s fragrance brands, Designer Parfums.

“We are extremely excited to be working with Designer Parfums to unveil our new fragrance collection,” said Formula 1’s Director of Marketing & Communications Ellie Norman.

“The unique fragrances and bespoke F1 inspired bottles embody the dynamic qualities of the sport.”

Designer Parfums Chairman and CEO Dilesh Mehta added: “We are leveraging the sport’s heritage and principles to build a unique fragrance brand that merges a highly legitimate approach to the perfume world with the core values of Formula 1.

“Being the first fragrance brand to utilise 3D printing is a huge achievement and we look forward to pushing this even further in future years.”

Mehta also teased that the brand may offer customisable designs.

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