Formula 1 turns up fragrance presence with new collection

By Becky Bargh 25-Nov-2020

With Designer Parfums, the racing group has introduced five new scents to its line-up

Designer Parfums and F1 are turning up the heat on its fragrance collection with a new official line.

The five scents, featuring race-inspired Precious Mettle, Turn 1, Overtake 320, Neeeum White and Carbon Reign, follow the introduction of the Collector’s Edition trio, designed by Ross Lovegrove, in 2019 and are said to capture “the quintessence of Formula 1”.

Created by master perfumers, the products fuse next generation ingredients with classics that pay homage to the glamour and advanced technology of Formula 1.

Lovegrove has been hired once again to design the packaging using 3D printing.

This time, the designer has taken an eco-friendly approach by creating a refillable design.

The resin-based exoskeleton houses the silver bottle of perfume, the refillable part of the packaging, and took inspiration from an F1 car chassis.

“We are very excited to be unveiling the second instalment in our exclusive fragrance collection with Designer Parfums,” said Ellie Norman, Director of Marketing and Communications for Formula 1.

Dilesh Mehta, Designer Parfums Chairman and CEO, added: “It is with great pleasure that we launch The F1 Fragrances Engineered Collection.

“Our expert team and partners have worked closely with Formula 1 to translate the passion and innovation of this global sport into a ground-breaking collection of fragrances with a unique and innovative 3D printed design.”

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The products retail from at £195 and are available to purchase via