Four new members for IFRA UK


The fragrance association sees that more companies realise that they can work smarter and better by being members of IFRA UK keeping the industry changes close at hand

Four new members have joined the fragrance association, IFRA United Kingdom. IFRA UK\'s Director, Lisa Hipgrave, said: "The regulatory changes that are uppermost in the minds of those working in the fragrance industry, combined with the range of events and information we produce, is making more companies realise that they can work smarter and better by being members of IFRA UK. We are therefore delighted to welcome CEHTRA UK, Kitara Ltd, Dweck Data and Aroma-Science Consultancy as members of the Association. As one of these new members has commented, it\'s ‘really good value\'".


Nottingham-based CEHTRA UK are consultants in environmental and human toxicology and risk assessment, has its headquarters in France with offices in Belgium, North America and India in addition to its UK office. Dr Peter Jenkinson, Managing Director of CEHTRA, is a Genetic Toxicologist who has worked for over 25 years with clients in the fragrance industry. CEHTRA provides expert services to all branches of the chemical industry including agrochemicals and industrial chemicals in addition to fragrances, flavours and cosmetics. Dr Jenkinson says: "Globally, we have a team of some 50 people and these are toxicologists, ecotoxicologists, chemists and regulatory affairs experts. We prepare regulatory dossiers, monitor studies and review study data." Asked why the company has joined IFRA UK, he says: "Several of our major clients are fragrance manufacturers or cosmetic companies and so we saw membership of IFRA UK as a means to improve our service to these clients by being better informed about the industry we serve."

Kitara Ltd

Wirral-based Kitara Ltd was founded by Dr Scott Wilkinson in 2012 to manufacture fragrance ingredients for industrial and consumer products. Dr Wilkinson, a development chemist by training, set up Kitara Ltd because, having spent many years working in the flavours sector, he wanted a change and the potential of working in a sector that allowed for greater creativity. Dr Wilkinson says: "We joined IFRA because the technical updates and advice are so sound. I found I was using some of the information anyway and so wanted to support the organisation. Their data and handbooks are excellent and being a member of IFRA gives me certification that underlines to customers just how serious and professional we are."

Dweck Data

Salisbury based Dweck Data was founded by Anthony Dweck in 1998 and specialises in safety assessments for natural-based products, in particular essential oils used as fragrance ingredients. Mr Dweck says: "I find the information produced by IFRA of enormous value and their QRA (Quantitative Risk Assessment) system is nothing short of genius. We all need the expertise of this organisation which is why I\'m delighted to have joined IFRA and believe others should do so too. Membership is really good value". Anthony Dweck is the author of four books for professionals about natural ingredients including essential oils. The second edition of one of these - ‘Formulating Natural Cosmetics\' - is due to be published later this summer by Allured Publishing. Anthony Dweck is one of the organisers of the successful trade show, Making Cosmetics; and he is twice former President of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists.

Aroma-Science Consultancy

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Lincolnshire-based Aroma-Science Consultancy was founded by Ray Gransby and offers quality control, technical guidance and regulatory consultancy services to those companies and individuals who work with fragrance ingredients. Mr Gransby has worked in the fragrances and flavours sectors for over 40 years, and has been employed by a host of major international household name companies including Fabergé, Chesebrough-Ponds, Coty, Estee Lauder and Yardley. Mr Gransby helps run the Aromatherapy Trade Council, having been a member for a decade and a Director until three years ago when he became the Administrator of the Council. With qualifications in biology, microbiology and chemistry, he advises companies across Europe and further afield, notably those dealing with or operating in the USA and China. "I applied to join IFRA UK to be able to better advise companies on the safety and compliance aspects of their work. I mostly advise companies creating fragrances and cosmetics and so becoming a member of IFRA as well as the Aromatherapy Trade Council is a positive move for my business. It will help me provide an even better service when advising on IFRA certification to ensure the safe use of fragrance ingredients," says Ray Gransby.