From Nectarobiota to skin microbiota: The power of bio-inspiration

Nectarobiota: Source of bio-inspiration

SILAB has applied its expertise in mastering nature and biotechnologies to study the very particular microbiota of floral nectar, the Nectarobiota, and more specifically the one of a refined and highly nectariferous plant: Hoya carnosa or porcelain flower.

In the extremely rich and diverse realm of Hoyas, this plant with luminous flowers stands out by its Nectarobiota which ensures its defence, development and regeneration.

Within this Nectarobiota, SILAB performed a customised sampling and specifically isolated the yeast Metschnikowia reukaufii to use it as a raw material for the development of its novel active ingredient rich in biopeptides: ECOBIOTYS.

Regulate skin ecology

The cutaneous microflora provides the skin with protection and immunity.

However, SILAB’s innovative research work, based on metasequencing tools, revealed that an imbalance of skin microbiota can occur in the course of ageing, thus altering skin integrity.

In order for mature skin and its microbiota to recover a perfect symbiosis, SILAB developed ECOBIOTYS, a smart active ingredient able to:

  • restore the functional performance of the skin’s immune and mechanical barriers
  • regulate the ecology of mature skin, acting on the distribution of bacterial communities

Improve skin quality

Thanks to its rebalancing and protective actions on the skin microbiota, ECOBIOTYS improves skin quality, enhancing the radiance of the complexion.

A subjective evaluation confirmed these results as the majority of volunteers reported that their skin was nourished for a long time, more luminous and with fewer imperfections.

ECOBIOTYS is thus recommended in all care products designed for mature skin.

Developed according to an eco-design approach, ECOBIOTYS is a patented active ingredient, available in aqueous solution (recommended amount: 1 to 2.5%), and compliant with international cosmetic regulations (Europe, United States, China, Japan).

ECOBIOTYS was awarded the Bronze Award of the 'Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award in-cosmetics Global'.

*Nectarobiota and ECOBIOTYS are registered trademark ingredients of Silab

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