From the genesis of life to the genesis of beauty

Millions of years ago, a group of unique organisms transformed the planet and made it viable for human life. Through photosynthesis, they converted sun energy into organic matter and oxygen. Microalgae created the air that we breathe today and established the foundation for life.

It was that simple and yet so transformative and essential.

Greenaltech biotechnology guarantees the consistent expression of novel molecules and actives from microalgae. ALGAKTIV is devoted to cosmetic actives originating from microalgae – from the genesis of life to the genesis of beauty.

ALGAKTIV stands for truly active ingredients with proven efficacy, enhanced delivery and sustainable supply. They are designed to inspire and help formulators aspire.

Greeanltech is pleased to be at SCS Formulate 2015 together with Adina, its distributor partner in the UK and Ireland. Please visit us at stand 414.

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