From wet wipes to glitter: 5 ways beauty brands are getting serious about ocean pollution

By Sarah Parsons 22-May-2018

WIth June waving in World Ocean’s Day, Cosmetics Business explores how the beauty industry is helping consumers to reduce their environmental impact by providing eco-friendly alternatives

Over the past year the case for ocean protection has gone mainstream. Chances are your consumers have been exposed to photos of dead seagulls with their stomachs filled with debris, or a tiny seahorse wound round a pink earbuds, or maybe even a turtle tangled in a plastic bag.

Whatever the image, the issue of plastic pollution and human impact on oceans has caught the public’s attention in the past 12 months and now more than ever they want the beauty industry to do something – anything – to take responsibility.

But the issue goes beyond plastic bags. Here Cosmetics Business navigates the issues your consumers are calling out to be solved.


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