GEKA launches sustainable beauty collection


GEKA, a full-service provider for liquid cosmetic products and beauty accessories introduces its sustainable beauty collection Reborn – a huge step for sustainable liquid cosmetic packaging solutions

Reborn is a sustainable beauty collection that gives plastic packaging a second life.

Our sustainable packaging solutions for lip and eye use recycled materials or biobased alternatives. Paired with clean, cruelty free, super-food formulas, no unnecessary ingredients for brow, lash and lip.

Decorated in soft pink colors and spring flowers. A kit for both mindful self-care and responsible contributions for a positive future.

The collection contains sustainable solutions for all 5 components of liquid cosmetics packaging. Together these products are 93% sustainable.

  • Bottles: made of 100% PCR-PET, produced using PCR-PET-A bottle scraps by extrusion with high vacuum degassing, melt filtration, and SSP. PCR-PET is a food-grade plastic
  • Caps: made of 100% PCR-PP, produced with PCR-PP scraps, e.g., yogurt cups or detergent bottles
  • Brushes: brand-new exclusive EOSgreen and EOSgreendelta fibers – bio-based fibers consisting of 100% renewable raw materials derived from the castor oil plant
  • Applicators: made of minimum 25% recycled flock
  • Wipers: made of LDPE with a bio-based content of 84%, derived from sugar cane. In addition, it partially consists of recycled PIR-LDPE material from GEKA production. Grinding stock is reused by placing it into the recycling process, reducing material waste to a minimum
  • Thread parts: made of 100% bio-based materials delivered from the renewable castor oil plant. The first sustainable material solution for thread parts meeting the requirements of the cosmetic industry.

Compability tests of biobased or recycled material and formula must be implemented in each case. Tests can be done in GEKA's laboratory.

When it comes to looking for a natural origin mascara and maintaining the great performance of a classical makeup at once: The clean and cruelty-free mascara of the Reborn collection is the answer.

The tenderLOOK brush is not only made of sustainable material, it performs beautifully elongating and separated lashes. The 100% renewable and biobased fibers are made from the castor oil plant.

The triangular-shaped exclusive EOSgreendelta fiber improve the separation of each single lash for a fantastic fanned-out look. The brush glides smoothly over the lashes and grabs the lashes by the roots to the tips for a portion of extra length.

The pointed brush tip allows for precise application in the inner eye corners without smudging the skin. The result: a lovely natural eye look.

A cruelty-free lip gloss is enriched with vitamin E is paired with our design registered two-component flexiKISS applicator and gives a full-lip effect.

The stable applicator core ensures precise application, while the softer outside gently strokes and pampers the lips. Special applicator feature: 25% recycled flock to meet sustainability requirements for a positive future.

The flat sides of the applicator transfer a well dosed texture to the lips.

Clean and cruelty-free superfood for the eyes is coming within the mini brow product. A transparent, jelly brow serum for the perfect hold. Paired with a precise shape mini brush awesomeBROW for professional brow treatment made of brand-new exclusive EOSgreen fiber – a 100% bio-based fiber derived from sugar cane combined with the irregular surface of the EOS fiber grip the brow hair and distribute the bulk evenly.

The conical shape gives precise combing and shaping of the brow bone for keeping brows in shape all day.

Mindful behavior for a positive future does not stop at the daily routine. The super soft makeup cleaning pads for face and body remove makeup with just water.

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The cleansing pads are machine washable and reusable, minimizing waste. The orange toned cherry blossom printed cosmetic bag is made of recycled PET.

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