GIGI Laboratories adds Glow Up Serum to New Age G4 line


GIGI Laboratories introduces their brand new product, Glow Up Serum, with PCM Complex. The serum is part of GIGI's New Age G4 line

Glow Up Serum is part of GIGI's latest line: New Age G4. The G4 line ushers in a new era for the cosmeceutical field, fighting ageing signs with intensive action on four levels; Microbiome, Epidermal Barrier, Epidermis and Dermis. NEW AGE G4 Contains the unique patented PCM complex. The line includes state-of the-art active ingredients to counteract ageing factors and deliver effective multilevel wrinkle correction, while also significantly enhancing skin firmness and elasticity.

This is the serum that changes the rules of the game. Glow Up Serum has a gentle gel texture which reinforces collagen fibres, lightens the skin, penetrates it with moisture, rejuvenates and soothes it. Used daily, it creates a skin lifting and firming effect. It leaves the skin glowing, vital and smooth. Spread a few drops of serum and tap gently to make the skin absorb it.

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