GREENTECH to launch global photoprotective active at in-cosmetic, Paris

SOLIBERINE, a real innovation in biological protection against light radiations

For In-Cosmetics Paris in April, GREENTECH, pioneer in plant biotechnology, will launch a new global photoprotective active: SOLIBERINE, a real innovation in biological protection against light radiations.

SOLIBERINE is issued from Buddleja officinalis flowers, or butterflybush, coming from the Chinese province of Sichuan.

Selected for its exceptional richness in phenylpropanoids, the purified fraction of flowers is highly concentrated in verbascoside and echinacoside, true UV and IR shields.

Research & Development laboratories in GREENTECH have isolated its quintessence by a high tech process to develop a potent skin defense system.

SOLIBERINE acts against all damages induced by solar rays, thanks to a dual power of protection and stimulation.

SOLIBERINE absorbs main part of UVA and UVB radiations, harmful to skin cells. Thus, the active inhibits transformation trans/cis of the urocanic acid and therefore its deleterious effects, particularly the excessive production of ROS generating important oxidative stress. In vitro tests reveal a 50% decrease in this transformation (from 0.7% of the active).

SOLIBERINE stimulates cellular detoxification mechanisms, endogenous systems of skin defence. Therefore, the active reduces the production of free radicals induced by various stress and inhibits the synthesis of inflammatory mediators (such as leukotrienes).

Preserving the physiological functions of the skin against stress induced by light rays SOLIBERINE maintains its youth, quality and radiance.

The active fight against premature ageing: SOLIBERINE protects DNA, and inhibits the synthesis of MMP-1, preserving this way all the fibbers of the dermal matrix.

In addition, SOLIBERINE inhibits lipid peroxidation induced by UV: ex vivo tests demonstrate a decrease of nearly 20%, used at 2%. Therefore, integrity of the skin barrier and skin quality are well preserved.

Multi-benefit active, SOLIBERINE preserves the youthful appearance of the skin, keeping away from inflammation, redness and premature wrinkles due to light rays.

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