Geisha Chic: Does beauty have a problem with cultural appropriation?

After Fenty Beauty offended fans with its 'racist' highlighter, Cosmetics Business investigates beauty's relationship with cultural appropriation and the brands breaking social boundaries

Rihanna in the Princess of China music video (Image: YouTube / Coldplay)

It’s 2019, the age of authentic campaigns, diversity and heightened sensitivity. So why are beauty brands still making adverts with fleeting use of cultural and ethnic insensitivities?

Surprisingly, that’s what Fenty Beauty by Rihanna was accused of in April. The Kendo-produced make-up brand has been heralded for championing underserved skin tones and was even named, along with glasses that give sight to the blind and underwater farming systems, the accolade of ‘invention of the year’ for its 40 shades of foundation featuring a diverse array of models.

However, one of the superstar’s latest . . .

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