GEKA launches trend-driven collection Unpredict@ble for spring/summer 2021


GEKA, a full-service provider for liquid cosmetic products and beauty accessories introduces a trend-orientated collection “unpredict@ble”. Inspired by a trend for spring/summer 2021, the collection comprises brand-new ready-to-go packaging and applicators

Unpredict@ble is a collection inspired by a trend for spring/summer 2021 and shows how market trends can be transferred into products, application performance, decoration and product appearance.

The heat of the trend is being as free as you want – and to do your own thing: A game of always reinventing yourself. With fantastic make-up looks in berry-purple, fuchsia or green that change fluidly between the virtual and real world.

Bye-bye conventionality here comes creativity. Holographic shapes abstract decorations and surreal patterns are remixed at a whim and flamboyantly highlighted. So, full fun ahead!

GEKA's unpredict@ble collection comprises a flashy hair mascara, a liquid lipstick, a high-performing brow product and the must-have of the coming season: a body liner.

Lips get emphasised with creamy liquid lipstick in berry purple. The vegan and cruelty-free formula is heavenly applied with GEKA's brand-new lip applicator delightfulCHARMER.

The brand-new spoon shaped applicator fulfils GEKA's wide range of lip applicators, available as ready-to-go and achieves quick and even make-up results. The formula can deposit in the reservoir zone making it very easy to apply.

The rounded tip is perfectly adapted to the lip contour. delightfulCHARMER is appearing in new ready-to-go standard packaging. Special feature of the heavy-bottomed bottle: no cheater band is needed due to the high bottle neck.

Paired with a fascinating cap molded in metallic chrome effect. The blurred typography onto the bottle is hypnotically distorted. A touch of hair coloration artfully takes up the sweep.

The gradual lacquered hair mascara in green and pink reveals the ultra-cool formula color: flashy green. The one component molded brush twicePRECISE enables two different hair finishes: Use side A for big highlights with intensive color and big color straights, use side B for fine and thin highlights to achieve a natural sun-kissed hair look.

Best results are achieved by a two step application: Side A uploads huge formula to achieve an intense hair coloration in just one stroke. Side B counts the double amount of molded bristles and is perfect to distribute the uploaded color evenly and streak-free into the hair.

Every single hair is covered 360° due to the precise bristle configuration of side B, that gives impressive combing effect to the hair for preventing any clumping and sticking.

Eyebrows become eye-catcher with the green brow product. They are easily colored and combed with the conical shaped fiber brush sweetBROWS. The pointed tip allows for exact combing and shaping of the brow bone for setting brows in shape all day.

The extra-long cap design improves stability during application. The bottle fascinated in metallic master batch and the blurred typography lettering is hypnotically distorted.

Lines are the must-have for 2021: lip out lines, eye lines, body lines. That’s why a body liner completes the trendy collection by GEKA. The slightLINER applicator is all you need therefore: due to the fine polyester fibers it is possible to apply a liquid liner in a perfectly defined line, going as precise as desired.

It allows for high precision in a thin line and achieves perfectly finishes without annoying smudging and tiresome retouching. Appearing in a cute mini packaging with eye-catching metallization finish, it is cuteness overloading.

From take-off to landing and for the entire journey, all cosmetic products are perfectly stored in our mint green travel cosmetic bag, developed and designed by GEKA's Accessories division.

GEKA's power in trend research and analysis helps brands to be on time with market insights and authentic creative content. Paired with ready-to-go solutions, we are happy to offer advice – either as an exclusive development or a full-service solution!

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