Givaudan Active Beauty drives innovation with new clinical data on skin microbiome

Givaudan Active Beauty takes skin microbiome research to the next level by publishing new exclusive clinical data for Vetivyne, the vetiver inspired skin youth booster, and Yogurtene Balance, a unique yogurt powder and prebiotic combination, with both contributing to the beauty and well-being of consumers.

A recent Givaudan Active Beauty’s worldwide consumers study shows that consumers are familiar with the importance of the skin microbiome.

Interestingly, 69%* of them are aware that there are microorganisms on the human skin and know that it’s important to keep the balance for skin health. Consumers have increased their knowledge about skin microorganisms and they are also willing to try cosmetic products with skin microflora concept.

70%* of them identified microbiome asso-ciated products to health and wellness benefits which is a con-sumer quest that we observe globally.

With over 15 years of research in the microbiome field, Givaudan Active Beauty is breaking new ground in the exploration of data on skin microbiome.

Balance to enhance, a leitmotiv for rinse off products

External influencers like lifestyle and diet affect our skin microbiota and it is now proven that ageing is also impacting its evolution. Balancing the skin microbiome composition is therefore critical to counteract ageing and enhance the beauty of our skin.

Yogurtene Balance, an active rich in yogurt constituents and prebiotics supporting the skin friendly bacteria, was studied by Active Beauty researchers. They dis-covered that this active ingredient helps to rejuvenate the skin microflora while improving skin hydration.

This performance was clinically proven in a rinse-off application (bar soap), demonstrating the impact of Yogurtene Balance on skin microbiota composition after only 15 minutes by modifying it towards the typical composition of a younger skin microbiota.

The assay revealed also a significant 2.6 times increase of skin hydration versus placebo.

Stabilised skin microbiome is all about protection

If balancing the skin microbiome composition is essential, ensuring its protection is also a major chal-lenge. Even if we cannot see the over 1000 species of microbes that live on the upper layer of our skin, they impact what our skin looks and feels like day-to-day.

Our researchers performed a new clinical test with Vetivyne, an anti-ageing active upcycled from vetiver roots. The results revealed that Vetivyne avoids dysbiosis by preserving the Actinobacteria abundance, which is typically decreasing when the skin is ageing, therefore protecting the skin microbiome composition over time.

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