Givaudan Active Beauty launches Sensory Crush targeting Generation Z consumers


An innovative collection of three naturally coloured face masks specially designed for the ‘skintellectual’ generation

Givaudan Active Beauty launches Sensory Crush targeting Generation Z consumers

Givaudan Active Beauty unveils Sensory Crush, a collection of three naturally coloured face masks that meet the beauty expectations of Generation Z consumers.

Launched at Cosmet’Agora in Paris, Sensory Crush includes powerful ingredients combining the world of naturals and innovation to address the beauty expectations of the trend-setting generation.

Generation Z represents 40% of global consumers and they have already changed the definition of beauty by making it more emotional. According to Mintel, 65% of them think that being beautiful is mostly about being confident and 48% is about expressing yourself.

Self-educated in beauty and in sustainability, they take a look at what they use to ensure it’s good for them, for the others and for the environment. A topic that is essential to them, with 49% of users agreeing that they always look for natural products.

Pauline Martin, Global Communications & Events Manager said “A blend of innovative packaging, sensorial textures and energising fragrances makes these masks a perfect mix of naturalness and efficacy.

"We offer the Gen Z a collection with names that speak to them. DAR! (French for lit), used to express terrific moments, OKLM (French for chillax), the slow pace and en bombe! (French for on fleak) the gorgeousness.”

DAR! French for lit

Best friend of party animals, this exfoliating mask (powered by Biogomm'age) has purifying (Rutin, active molecule extracted from Sophora Japonica), regenerative (natural extract of Papaya) and detoxifying (activated carbon) properties.

To mimic papaya appearance, two dyes have been mixed, the beta-carotene of Dunaliella algae (Orange-WD-L) and carmine red (Red-WS-P). This papaya-like formula transforms from orange to black, as the activity of the charcoal beads is released during scrubbing.

OKLM – French for chillax

Official cocooning partner, this night mask has anti-oxidant properties (natural extract of Yuzu) allowing it to calm and moisturise (Yogurtene Balance, a game changer in skin hydration) the skin gently.

Upon application, its refreshing effect soothes all tensions felt during the day. To obtain a creamy and smooth yellow, Dunaliella natural dye (Orange-WD-L) was used.

Glow mission complete for this mask that restores the energy and vitality (natural extract of dragon fruit) of the skin. Its honey texture becomes milky when you massage your face with water.

After rinsing, it eradicates stress (Neurophroline active botanical extract of Tephrosia purpera traditionally used in Ayurvedic medecine) and gives a luminous effect to the skin.

Echoing the dragon fruit, the colour of this mask was obtained through anthocyanins (Red-OD-P), a natural dye found in leaves, petals and fruits.

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Visitors will have the opportunity to discover Sensory Crush at our booth 69 during Cosmeatgora in Paris from January 14-15.

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