Givaudan Active Beauty wins Spotlight-on Formulation Award at in-cosmetics Asia

Givaudan Active Beauty holds its advanced expertise by winning the Award for the Spotlight-On Formulation Award (Haircare actives category) with the S3D Colourback concept product.

Laurent Bourdeau, Head of Active Beauty, said:"It is part of our corporate DNA to inspire our customers, by providing them with not only the most performant ingredients , but also by crafting disruptive product concepts leveraging consumers insights and market trends to help them move faster on their market."

The awarded S3D Colourblack is featuring the latest active ingredient from Givaudan Active Beauty: Darkenyl, an exclusive hair care molecule reactivating the entire pigmentation process in the hair follicle to get rid of grey hair, down to -56% in 4 months (clinically tested versus placebo).

This innovative product has been recognised by the jury as a unique leave-on serum for hair and scalp care, offering an 8-in-1 hair ageless technology to re-cover the natural hair colour and protect the hair shaft.

It is entrapped in an innovative classy dark packaging with a comb applicator facilitating the application directly on the roots and to activate the efficacy. Its formula contains ResistHyal, a recent innovation from Givaudan Active Beauty enabling this to bring a unique value proposition to the consumers:

  1. Recovery of natural hair pigmentation.
  2. Protection of the hair follicle from pollution damages.
  3. Provide long term hair hydration.
  4. Avoid spontaneous hair frizzing.
  5. Boost hair shine
  6. Enhance hair natural volume
  7. Mechanical and thermal protection.
  8. Increased hair suppleness.

Fabrice Lefevre, Marketing & Innovation Director, said: "We are extremely honoured to get this global recognition from leading industry experts, showing how innovative active ingredients can enable to create disruptive and market-suitable concepts.

S3D Colourback is an impressive formula offering a sensory experience for the user and a yet unmet efficacy through its two powerful actives ingredients.

This product reflects the high level of consumers' understanding, formulation creativity and scientific performance of our experts who are dedicated at crafting inspirational products for our customers."

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