Givaudan unveils new active ingredient that mimics epigenetic mechanisms for skin care

Chronoglow is derived from the resurrection plant and developed using green fractionation

Givaudan Active Beauty has announced the launch of Chronoglow, a new active ingredient developed using green fractionation and artificial intelligence (AI), which is claimed to mimic botanical epigenetic mechanisms for skin care benefits.

Derived from Haberlea rhodopensis, also known as the resurrection plant, Chronoglow reverses the effects of skin ageing and improves its radiance.

Mathias Fleury, Givaudan’s Category Manager Active Beauty, said: “Haberlea rhodopensis is an ice age plant that has survived extreme climate conditions thanks to its unique epigenetic mechanisms of cellular survival.

“We are now able to mimic and reproduce what the plant does in its own cells in the skin.

“Chronoglow is therefore a 100% natural and sustainable powerful botanical ingredient, with exclusive benefits of well-ageing and radiance.”

The ingredient enhances ‘glow’ in three ways. It improves skin elasticity by up to 8.9% after just two weeks’ use, while boosting luminosity by 3.8% after four weeks and up to 6.4% after two months.

After two weeks, radiance was improved by up to 6.1%, which further improved by up to 12.5% after two months’ use.

Further, Givaudan Active Beauty researchers used the power of AI to represent the clinical results and demonstrate the visual benefits of Chronoglow.

To do this they generated a beauty avatar that represents the significant results of the ‘three dimensions of glow’ on the face:

  • Elasticity, already after 2 weeks of use, by up to +8.9%, more than 3 times better than the placebo. This positive impact on the skin elasticity is increasing during the whole duration of the clinical test, with an increase up to +15.3% after 2 months
  • Luminosity, by up to +3.8% after 4 weeks and up to +6.4% after 2 months, significantly better than the placebo, by a factor 1.9
  • Radiance, after only 2 weeks of use by up to +6.1%, more than 4 times better than the placebo and up to +12.5% after 2 months.

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