Google powers L’Oréal’s data for more sustainable platform

By Becky Bargh | 10-Mar-2022

Beauty giant has opted for Google Cloud’s end-to-end data tooling to support its Beauty Tech Data Platform

L’Oréal – the world’s biggest beauty company – has deepened its ties with Google Cloud to support its entire Beauty Tech Data Platform.

Google Cloud now stores 100TB of production data in BigQuery – Google’s data warehouse, which features built-in machine learning capabilities – and processes 20TB of data every month.

The BigQuery service allows L’Oréal to adopt standard data language, or SQL, and meet all expectations for reporting.

Cloud Workforce, meanwhile, aids L’Oréal in managing more complex transformations.

This will be used where custom and specific libraries are required.

To keep up with its sustainability initiatives, the beauty owner will harness Google’s Cloud Carbon Footprint service to measure the impact of its infrastructure.

“We all have a role to play, and by joining forces, we can have a positive impact,” wrote the company in a statement.

“Sustainable tech is an imperative and very important step towards this ambition of creating responsible beauty for our customers, and sustainable-by-design tech services for our employees.”

Data driven

L’Oréal’s Beauty Tech Data Platform incorporates data from two sources.

The lion’s share of L’Oréal’s data comes from integrations, while the rest is from application programming interface (API).

Currently, the French conglomerate has 8,500 flows for some 5,000 users, using the zero-trust capabilities offered by Google Cloud.

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