Greensea and Greentech launch Astaxanthin

GREENSEA, a GREENTECH’s sister company launches one of the most powerful anti-oxidant and free radical scavengers, the ASTAXANTHIN produced by micro-algae for whom GREENSEA is one of the worldwide leader.

GREENSEA develops many cultures of micro-algae in their own photobioreactors (PBR). More than 50 000 litres of production can be managed 3 times per month in their tubular and annular PBRs. The PBR allows inducing specific physiologies of micro-algae and so allows producing particular active compounds, in relation of environmental and medium culture conditions.

With a collection of more than 300 species, GREENSEA has numerous possibilities to extract, produce and purify cosmetic active ingredients.

ASTAXANTHIN is a well-known anti-oxidant that is already largely used in food and feed. In addition to its anti-inflammatory activity, its anti-oxidant property gives an high photo-protection capacity to the skin and a strong defence ability against pollutants and environmental stresses. ASTAXANTHIN is a real shield against sun, pollutants and external aggressions.

Last, ASTAXANTHIN stabilises skin hydration and limits the effects of ageing.

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