Greentech-Biovitis conference by Mathieu Bey


Cosm’ing Saint-Malo on July 1st 2016

Cosm’ing Saint-Malo on July 1st 2016

GREENTECH, an advanced research on skin microbiota

Mathieu BEY, Doctor of microbiology, is R&D manager for Health and Wellbeing in BIOVITIS, company specialised in microorganisms production and subsidiary of GREENTECH group, a pioneer in biotechnology. During COSM'ING congress, he will present an innovative approach in cosmetic, the development of active ingredients targeting skin microbiota. Highly influenced by the environment, it varies depending on the skin site and plays a fundamental health role.

GREENTECH and BIOVITIS, using "omics" tools, constantly look for understanding the mechanisms involved at skin surface, and develop active ingredients based on microorganisms, to balance skin microbiota. Indeed, modulate its composition allows maintaining or restoring the microbial homeostasis, and thus to prevent or treat various skin disorders.

These high-tech active ingredients are developed with probiotic strains, beneficial microorganisms that strengthen skin's barrier function, and having anti-inflammatory and moisturising effects. Thus, from the fermentation of lactic acid bacteria, were created:

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This conference will be a different look on skin ecosystem:
By providing a supplement in good bacteria, the microflora balance is maintained, the skin barrier is efficient, and the skin is healthy.

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