Group Rocher partners with Google Cloud for digital transformation

By Julia Wray 29-Oct-2021

French family-owned group has signed a five year collaboration on sustainable digital strategy

Group Rocher partners with Google Cloud for digital transformation

Groupe Rocher, the parent company of brands including Arbonne and Yves Rocher, has announced a five-year collaboration with Google Cloud to accelerate its digitisation and sustainability strategies.

Google Cloud said its involvement would help the French family-owned company undertake an extensive IT implementation.

The group intends to deploy globally its data platforms, modernise its e-commerce platform, and use data analytics to build better customer omnichannel journeys. It will also develop a new secure and easy-to-manage API (application programming interface) management approach and move a majority of its workloads, as well as its SAP (systems applications and products in data processing) applications, to the cloud.

The collaboration with Google Cloud will also enable Groupe Rocher to leverage Google Cloud’s infrastructure, claimed to be the cleanest in the industry, and cut its carbon footprint by deciding which Google Cloud region to use based on its carbon-free energy percentage.

The group will also be able to leverage Google’s investments in sustainable energies, its recycling approach and use of renewable and, increasingly, carbon-free energy to power its infrastructure.

Groupe Rocher will track the data related to its impact with Google Cloud against its own sustainability goals.

“We consider Google Cloud as a real partner on our road to sustainable innovation and growth,” said Stanislas Duthier, Groupe Rocher’s CIO.

“We will be working together to ensure that the development of our brands can benefit from the resilient, innovative and reliable cloud technologies and digital expertise of Google, while making sure that our brands also accelerate steadily towards their own sustainability objectives.”

Anthony Cirot, Managing Director of Google Cloud in France, added: “We are very proud and honoured to have been selected by Groupe Rocher for our cloud technology and approach to sustainability.

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"We are eager to support its responsible digitisation and join forces in this transformative journey.”