Half of British men think healthy eating is enough to maintain skin

By Sarah Parsons 28-Jul-2017

The male consumers attitude to skin care may impact the category and cause a decline in sales

Half of British men think healthy eating is enough to maintain skin

Half of British men believe that a healthy diet is enough to maintain the skin's appearance, according to a new report from Mintel.

The market research group claims this attitude may impact the performance of the men’s skin care category.

Mintel predicts that sales will drop from a current value of £106m to £100m this year and in the next five years the category is forecast to decline by 7% to £93m.

Lengthy ingredients lists may also contribute to the sales decline, as over one third of men (39%) believe that skin care products contain unnecessary chemicals.

“The fact that so many men believe a healthy diet is enough to maintain the appearance of skin and that products contain unnecessary chemicals suggests that some men may actively avoid facial skin care products and instead use diet to maintain their skin,” said Roshida Khanom, Associate Director of Beauty & Personal Care at Mintel.

“As such, products with a natural positioning and limited ingredient lists could appeal more to men.”

Mintel also highlight that less than a third of men (28%) use moisturiser just a few times a week and almost one in ten men only use skin care products when they feel their skin needs it.

According to the report, advertisers should take this relaxed behaviour into consideration when developing campaigns.

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Khanom added: “While advertising in the women’s facial skin care category often features photoshopping to optimise the appearance of skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, such images may not appeal to men.

“Allowing skin to look aged but healthy may instead have greater resonance.”