Hawkins & Brimble and M&H Plastics plans to modernise barbershop shaving


Inspired from traditional methods, the pair have produced a new line of male grooming products to suit the modern man's taste

M&H Plastics has worked with Hawkins & Brimble to produce a ‘twist to the traditional’ barbering rituals.

The new male cosmetics brand aims to modernise traditional shaving methods to suit current consumer tastes.

Included within the range are the Pre-Shave Scrub and Post Shave Balm.

The brand has designed the products to contain natural ingredients to ensure a comfortable shave.

The Spark Brands owned company took inspiration from vintage barbershop signs for its packaging.

M&H Plastics, an RPC company, produced the themed red and white flexible tubes with a matte lacquer.

Stephen Shortt, CEO of Spark Brands, said: “Working with M&H has been a real pleasure from start to finish.

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“With interest from the largest retailers in the world we are looking forward to a huge 2017 for our sales, and we are confident the eye-catching packaging provided by M&H will help grow our business.”