Hazard analysis for aerosol manufacturers

The updated Aerosol Dispenser Directive 75/324/EEC, which came into effect at the end of April 2010, means that aerosol manufacturers are now required to assess the risk of inhaling spray particles, which requires knowledge of aerosol droplet size distribution along with the physical and toxicological properties of the formulation. In response to this, Melbourn Scientific is introducing a suite of aerosol characterisation services to support the aerosol industry.

“Much of our work in the health care arena is aimed at ensuring that particles or droplets are the right size for delivery to a specific area of the respiratory tract. For example we routinely measure nasal sprays to show that the product is targeted to deliver to the nasal cavity and the risk of inhalation is minimal,” explains Melbourn ceo Mark Hammond. “This invaluable knowledge gained in a highly regulated area enables us to work with new clients to ensure that tests are best suited to their products.”

The company is collaborating with Malvern Instruments and Copley Scientific on a series of studies aimed at refining the techniques and technologies currently available to meet the needs of aerosol manufacturers.