How Earthoil achieved carbon neutral status – and you can too

By Ashley Underwood 22-Mar-2017

Earthoil Plantations recently pursued certified carbon neutral status. Ashley Underwood talks SPC through the Earthoil Plantations’s journey and those of others looking to balance their carbon emissions

Sustainability is at the heart of Earthoil Plantations and while supporting customers’ sustainability profiles, the company is continuously working in the background to improve its own. The decision for Earthoil Plantations to pursue certified carbon neutral status, therefore, was a natural and obvious one for the company.

Who’s Carbon Neutral?

Certification and accreditation from third party organisations is a vital tool for companies to demonstrate the validity of sustainability claims that would otherwise be difficult to quantify. With a growing desire from cosmetics brands to work with suppliers aligned with their own environmental values and commitments, a carbon neutral certification offers a credible assurance.

There are many certifying bodies available that will offer guidance and support throughout the process to achieve certified status, including...

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