How Shiffa expanded from a niche into widespread appeal

Dr Lamees Hamdan explains how she expanded from a pregnancy oil into a full beauty range

Physician Dr Lamees Hamdan, Founder of Dubai-based Shiffa, talks about growing her brand from a pregnancy oil into a full range of luxury beauty products.

Why did you decide to create a beauty range?
I developed the pregnancy oil first out of necessity while I was pregnant. Then after the birth of my child I loved being a mother so much and I wanted work that could give me flexibility. So I started my own business venture that combined my know how as a doctor with my newfound love and respect for natural remedies.

Dr Lamees Hamdan

Do pregnant women have any specific skin care needs?
Many pregnant women get very frightened about using anything that is not organic, or anything with chemicals in skin care. Unfortunately, many companies play on that fear. Although I am a huge supporter of clean skin care, there really isn’t any evidence to suggest that continuing with whatever non-natural skin care you are using will harm the baby.

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