How eco-friendly is your office?

By Julia Wray 6-May-2021

With offices reopening and employees returning to the workplace, Cosmetics Business discovers why green work spaces mean gold-standard work

How eco-friendly is your office?

While the past 12 months saw many of the world’s white collar workers adapting to working from home conditions, businesses are now poised for a return to the traditional workspace – or, at the very least, a hybrid model – as Covid restrictions loosen.

That said, it seems unlikely that all of us will be returning to the same office spaces we commuted to at the start of 2020.

Property Week recently reported that, in a poll it ran, 56% of people expected an increase in and a broadening of amenities to support mental wellbeing in their workplace over the next three years.

It described this as being bad news for owners of secondary properties, but “good news for innovative developers that are casting off traditional stereotypes by listening closely to what people who work in offices actually want”.

And when developers look at what environments best facilitate employee happiness, workspaces linked to nature with sustainability taken into consideration will doubtless be top of the wishlist.


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