How far will consumers go for ‘on point brows’? Benefit Cosmetics opens 65ft Extreme Brow Bar

By Becky Bargh 27-Mar-2018

For one day only, at London’s Southbank, the beauty brand is offering customers the chance to experience a brow wax, style and pamper at 65ft

How far will consumers go for ‘on point brows’? Benefit Cosmetics opens 65ft Extreme Brow Bar

Benefit Cosmetics is introducing, for one day only, a pop-up allowing customers to have their eyebrows shaped at a hair raising 65ft.

The Extreme Brow Bar will open at London’s Southbank on 10 April, offering customers a brow wax, style and tint service.

For those dare-devils who choose to take on the challenge will receive £100 in brow products from the cosmetics brand.

Lisa Potter-Dixon, Head Make-up Artist for Benefit, believes that women fear the strip because it can leave a shape they don’t like: “The temptation can be to do it yourself, but one wrong hair can ruin your whole brow shape,” she said.

“Having your brows serviced by a professional every four to six weeks will make your brows look fuller and more defined, yet still completely natural for your face, shape and skin tone.”

For those who do not want to brave the ‘sky high’ professional wax, customers can stay grounded and visit Benefit’s BrowMobile that will be parked at the same location.

The service can be found at the Observation Point, Southbank, London UK.

To put 65ft into perspective, that is two-and-a-half times the length of a London bus, while the letters of the Hollywood Sign only stand at 49ft high.

This is the second out-of-the-box pop-up the cosmetics brand has launched this year.

Its debut store for 2018 was its eagerly anticipated spacecraft pop-up to introduce the brand’s Badgal Bang! mascara.

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