How to achieve well-being in the workplace

Working in the beauty industry comes with its own set of workplace stresses. Here Cosmetics Business speaks to a leading expert about how to achieve professional bliss and ease of communication during the nine to five

Janet Tarasofsky - Professional Speaker and Wellbeing Expert

Janet Tarasofsky is an award-winning public speaker and a member of the Aromatherapy Associates wellbeing expert panel. She tells Cosmetics Business how the beauty industry can achieve professional harmony and the secrets to great communication at work.

How did you become a wellbeing expert?

Tracey Woodward, Aromatherapy Associates' CEO, asked me to get involved because she knows how passionately I feel about helping people in our industry communicate better with each-other. It not only helps morale; it is proven to increase productivity.

What does that exactly mean?

With the world becoming more stressful, people are looking for solutions to help manage their stress. Aromatherapy will work, but it becomes even more effective when combined with tips and tricks from experts who have dedicated their lives to helping people improve their well-being. That is what we are, a group of professional coaches and trainers who marry their expertise with product.

What is the general attitude of wellbeing in the workplace from the cosmetics industry?

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