How to cater for natural demands in the sun care sector


Vince Gruber and Kathy Mish write about the potential of oleosome-based formulas to solve long standing challenges surrounding natural SPF formulas

How to cater for natural demands in the sun care sector

A study by Mintel found that among adults who use sun protection and tanning products, a full 75% prefer products with natural ingredients[1].

Consumers want to see safe and useful products made with materials they readily understand; but in sun care that requires natural ingredients with the capability to contribute to the overall performance and protective effects of SPF formulas.

Emerging sun care trends

Most 100%-natural ingredients in today's sun care products exist primarily as moisturising agents or emulsifiers. That's not enough functionality to enable formulators to create novel sun care products. Nor is it the appropriate functionality to ensure the efficacy of SPF products in a consumer-friendly ingredient profile.

With changing perceptions about what makes a consumer-friendly sun care product, approval of ...

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