How to give your cosmetics-creation workflow a digital makeover

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Whether you're a brand owner or a solution provider in the cosmetics creation industry, digitalisation of the B2B space is going to affect your business—and you can use it to your advantage.

ozmi is set to lead the way with a simple, delightful all-in-one cosmetics creation platform.

In the ozmi vision:

  • Brands will be able to search for materials, find reliable suppliers quickly and easily, oversee the whole creation process from start to finish, and reduce time to market
  • Solution providers will expand their reach and efficiency, generating leads and closing sales more efficiently than before
  • All users will get unprecedented ease of access to reliable information. They will be able to collaborate easily online to turn their visions into reality
  • Advanced algorithms will be able to help at every stage of your business's workflow
  • In this web event, the ozmi team will explain how digital cosmetics creation will help companies succeed in the beauty market of the future.

The key takeaways you can expect from attending this web event:

  • How to digitally transform your engagement with suppliers and B2B customers
  • How well-designed enterprise software can make cosmetics creation as fast, easy and delightful as using consumer apps
  • How to reduce time to market in a collaborative, data-driven digital ecosystem


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