How to make a powder-to-gel product


Gaëlle Chatelard from green shower gel brand ETHOSA talks waterless formulation

How to make a powder-to-gel product

With soaring temperatures and droughts making water scarcity an even more pressing issue than ever, Gaëlle Chatelard, founder & CEO of ETHOSA, explains how her brand was created with water-free at its core.

How to make a powder-to-gel product

Before jumping into the nitty-gritty of ‘how to’ make a powder-to-gel product, it is first important to explain where the concept comes from and what it is.

Powdered products are in essence waterless, aka anhydrous, meaning that they do not contain water within their formulation.

To understand the concept of waterless, one needs to know how personal care products are formulated.

Standard personal care products usually contain between 60-95% water; when checking the INCI list on the back of these products, water, aka aqua, usually comes first. It is usually added as a filler; ultimately, it’s cheaper for brands to produce.

But this also means that active ingredients offering skin benefits only account for 5-10% of the formulations. They are watered down, which lowers their potency.

So, how do you go about making a powder-to-gel product and what are the benefits?


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