How to make an on-trend tooth care product


With the oral care category upgrading to 'oral beauty', Tanja Budde discusses exciting new tooth cleansing formats

How to make an on-trend tooth care product
How to make an on-trend tooth care product

The oral care category, once dominated by traditional toothpastes and mouthwashes, has had a revamp, with exciting new formats, ingredients and claims converging to take the category from oral care to oral beauty.

Brands like Moon Oral Care, Cocofloss and Colgate’s new CO. sub-brand are making the sector a desirable one for Gen Zers who want to flash their best smile for social media.

In this article, Tanja Budde, Head of Innovation and Technical Marketing at Omya, covers all the key trends in oral care, ideal materials and how to use them in an oral care formulation that ticks all consumers' boxes.


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