How to simplify cosmetic regulatory compliance with Cosmedesk


The Cosmetic Industry has always been a highly innovative and dynamic sector, following the technical and scientific progress and the changes in consumer expectations and demands.

Accordingly, the European Commission has been working closely in the update of cosmetic regulatory requirements, to ensure the highest level of consumer safety.

Nowadays, cosmetics are strictly regulated, requiring the preparation of technical and scientific documentation to provide evidence of their safety, which involves a tremendous amount of work consuming a lot of time.

As it is known, placing a cosmetic product in the EU market is an increasingly complex journey and keeping up the regulatory and scientific rigour in all stages can be truly a challenge.

Fortunately, there is an easier way! Cosmedesk empowers companies to efficiently manage and create all their products data in one place automatically generating a high quality Product Information File (PIF), including the Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR), giving back most of the time spent with regulatory affairs.

This solution also helps to perform the label review, to check ingredients restrictions, to validate missing information and to keep all the documents organized during the product's life cycle.

Moreover, Cosmedesk is a web-based regulatory software that offers secure cloud-storage, making products always available anytime, anywhere!

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