IBR Clearly Bright Complex for Lighter, Flawless & Spotless Skin


IBR CLEARLY BRIGHT Complex protects the skin and keeps skin younger and younger looking...

Clinical trial reveals: IBR CLEARLY BRIGHT Complex effectively and significantly lightens the skin tone.

IBR CLEARLY BRIGHT Complex protects the skin and keeps skin younger and younger looking.

BACKGROUND: One of the strongest trends driving the global skin care market today is skin whitening, lightening and evening of the skin tone. Ever current, this trend dates back as far back as ancient China and Japan, and does not fade with time. To this day whiter, flawless skin complexion is associated with health, nobility, purity and younger perception of age. It is believed that whiter, more evenly toned skin can hide physically unattractive facial features and create a perception of younger, more beautiful overall appearance.

This is why much effort is invested by the cosmetic industry to make skin whitening easier and the products more effective and safe. Thus an alternative, which would be safe, while its scientifically backed activity remains well established, is ever more desired and challenging to find.

SOLUTION: To aid resolving this mission IBR presents a novel complex of ingredients - IBR CLEARLY BRIGHT for outstanding skin lightening, whitening & evening of the skin tone.

IBR CLEARLY BRIGHT is a combination of the patented actives - IBR-Phyto(flu)ene®, IBR-Dormin® & IBR-Snowflake®.

Hindering in concert multitude triggers of pigmentations to result in an outstanding even and lighter skin tone.

Clinical findings confirmed established in vitro activities and present IBR CLEARLY BRIGHT as an outstanding and effective solution for the spotless, flawless and lighter skin tone.

THE MECHANISM OF ACTION: hindering of multiple triggers of pigmentations combined with direct melanin synthesis and melanocytes proliferation inhibition. Not related to tyrosinase inhibitors.

Activities demonstrated in vitro to show that IBR CLEARLY BRIGHT Complex components are able to reduce pigmentation through multi pathways such as:

  • Direct inhibition of melanin synthesis
  • Direct inhibition of melanocytes proliferation
  • Anti inflammatory activity
  • Multiple anti oxidant activity
  • Boost of SOD, the natural anti oxidant skin protection
  • Protecting against both UVA and UVB


IBR CLEARLY BRIGHT Complex has a significant, outstanding effect on lightening the skin tone.

An in vivo placebo controlled study evaluating the lightening effect of a cream containing IBR CLEARLY BRIGHT Complex (comprising of IBR-TCLC® (tomato colorless carotenoids), IBR-Dormin® & BR-Snowflake®) resulted in a significant, outstanding skin whitening effect at both 42 days and 84 days time points.

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