IFRA UK to attend Making Cosmetics 2014


25-26th March 2014 Ricoh Arena

25-26th March 2014 Ricoh Arena, Phoenix Way, Foleshill, Coventry CV6 6GE
Stand No. 122

IFRA UK is for the first time exhibiting at the Making Cosmetics www.making-cosmetics.com event taking place in Coventry on 25-26th March 2014.

The International Fragrance Association UK (IFRA UK) is a trade organisation that exists to represent its members and promote the safe creation, development and enjoyment of fragrance. The Association is part of the global federation, IFRA, which works to ensure consistent standards worldwide.

IFRA UK’s aim in attending Making Cosmetics is to improve understanding amongst buyers, retailers and manufacturers of the importance of using fragrances created by a member of IFRA UK to ensure compliance, safety and standards.

IFRA UK’s Director, Lisa Hipgrave (pictured), explains: “Fragrance contributes to our sense of well-being. Our sense of smell and the fragrances designed by our members can affect our moods and emotions in a way that nothing else does. Scents affect our sensibility. Our sense of smell is a unique door to the way we interpret and enjoy the world around us.

“IFRA UK represents those who play an important role by providing the key to that door. We ensure that personal and environmental safety are at the heart of fragrance creation and application. By using a member of IFRA UK, those making, distributing and selling fragranced products can be reassured that the products they are selling contain safe and appropriate fragrance ingredients because our members our obliged to adhere to rigorous IFRA Standards”.

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IFRA UK recently relaunched its website www.ifrauk.org giving full details of the services it offers. The Association runs a number of events throughout the year that are open to non-Members. These include the annual IFRA UK Fragrance Forum held in October.