IFRA revises fragrance standards


Previously prohibited Dihyrocoumarin is now a restricted material

The International Fragrance Association has notified the 47th Amendment to the IFRA Code of Practice as part of the fragrance industry’s ongoing safety programme. Changes include six new standards based on the Quantitative Risk Assessment methodology; four revised standards; a new standard restricting the use of Furfural; a new group standard prohibiting the use of 2,4-Dienals; 11 revised standards which take into account the contributions of Schiff Bases; and one corrected maximum use level standard.

One of the six new standards is the result of new data becoming available supporting the safe use of Dihyrocoumarin, which means the previously prohibited material will now become a restricted material.

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All in all, the IFRA standards are now made up of 102 restricted ingredients, 80 prohibited ingredients and 20 standards setting a purity requirement. Full details of the 47th Amendment are available at www.ifraorg.org.