INOLEX introduces vibrancy to colour cosmetics with LexFeel Vibrant

INOLEX is taking colour cosmetics to a new level with the launch of LexFeel Vibrant, a patented sensory and texture modifying agent that improves pay-off through a range of aesthetic and functional benefits.

LexFeel Vibrant (Palm Acid/Adipic Acid/Pentaerythritol Crosspolymer) is the latest addition to the LexFeel portoflio of INOLEX sensory fluids.

The product is a sensory modifying polyol polyester suitable for emulsions and anhydrous systems. Unlike typical waxes and butters, LexFeel Vibrant is a non-crystalline wax which stays clear when mixed with other clear oil phase ingredients, thereby enhancing colour quality in numerous applications.

An alternative to the typical oils, butters and waxes, LexFeel Vibrant is a structuring and pigment wetting agent that provides a rich yet light skin-feel.

The polymeric nature of this crystalline wax allows for improved stability without the heavy or greasy feel associated with traditional structuring agents.

LexFeel Vibrant provides unique gel-like textures and improves spreadability while allowing for a base that displays the vibrancy of pigments.

“As consumers demand more tailored cosmetics, we are addressing the need for ingredients that deliver superior performance.

LexFeel Vibrant significantly boosts sensory, aesthetic and formulation results compared to other ingredients, which is very exciting,” Fana Makonnen, Technical Marketing Manager at INOLEX.

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