INVERTAGE – Fights ageing from the inside out


Lipotec’s anti-aging nutricosmetic formulation

INVERTAGE – Fights ageing from the inside out INVERTAGE CAPSULES contain a food-grade functional formulation with efficacy in preventing skin from chronological and premature ageing from the inside out.

Inspired in the Mediterranean diet, INVERTAGE CAPSULES are based on functional nutrients which are well-know for their beneficial effects, such as pomegranate extract, which protects collagen and prevents oxidative stress by inhibiting the collagenease activity.

Taking advantage of the company’s record in molecular cosmetics, efficacy test proved also the complementary effect obtained by combining this oral supplement with a topical formulation. In vivo test showed a significant reduction of 51% in wrinkle-depth after 30 days of an integral treatment fusing INVERTAGE oral intake with a topical cream containing 5% TRYLAGEN, offering an In&Out approach to skin care for a higher cosmetic benefit.

INVERTAGE CAPSULES are part of INSIDETEC, Lipotec’s product brand for Nutricosmetics.

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