Iberchem Group opens new production facility in Thailand


A new milestone in the company’s expansion program in Southeast Asia

Capitalising on the commercial success it has achieved in South Asia in recent years, Iberchem Group is today announcing the opening of a new subsidiary in Bangkok, Thailand.

It is the Group's fourth centre in Southeast Asia, following Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. The new facility comprises a creative centre, a production plant and a commercial office. It will promote the activities of both divisions of the Group: flavours (Scentium) and fragrances (Iberchem).

The new centre is strategically located in the industrial area of Bang Phli, near the city's main airport. It has been specially designed to allow customers in the region to benefit from the Group's expertise and to gain additional insight. They can now count on a dedicated local team of professionals with the use of fully-equipped application and analytical labs.

The production plant, in turn, will strengthen the competitiveness of the company by increasing its agility and offering customers even shorter delivery times.

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"This new facility will allow the company to capture swiftly the evolving needs of this fast-growing and fast-changing market," said Ramón Fernández, CEO of Iberchem Group. "Our expansion in South Asia is a cornerstone of our 2023 business plan for both our flavour and fragrance divisions. It comes as a natural consolidation of the company's success in the region. Furthermore, this announcement stands as a testimony to our commitment to our local customers."

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