Iberchem celebrates the International Day of Education


Iberchem celebrates the International Day of Education

We are proud to celebrate the International Day of Education. Because of its importance, education is recognised in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (adopted as Resolution 217 by the United Nations) which includes thirty human rights considered as fundamental.

Education is a premise that sustains societies. According to the UNESCO, if all adults would complete their secondary education, poverty could be reduced to at least 50%.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility plan, The Iberchem Group is pleased to support and promote actions that help young people and children to receive an education of quality.

Last Friday, Iberchem organised, in collaboration with SOS Children Villages, a special workshop on the sense of smell. Perfumer María Fructuoso and Fragrance Development Director, María Ángeles López hosted the activity.

The workshop was held in one of SOS Children Villages’ day-care centres in Madrid with children aged between 10 and 17 years old. Throughout the afternoon, the Iberchem team revealed some fascinating aspects the world of fragrances has to offer, for the greater enjoyment of the children.

“Today, our objective was to raise children’s interest in science and make them discover the world of olfaction. We have used both a playful approach, where they could interact with fragrances and smells, as well as a more rhetorical one where they could ask questions and interact directly with us,” explained López.

The centre’s director, Mrs Alina Elena Balasa, was also thrilled by the activity: “Many of the kids were a bit reluctant when we first told them that the activity was about science,”.

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“However, this changed quickly, as soon as they smelled the first fragrance. They found out that science can be entertaining and interesting. No matter where it takes place or how it is presented, education is primordial for any kids and should never be a privilege.”

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